The Impact Bag

Welcome to The Impact Bag. A new blog covering a wide range of golf knowledge to impact your game. Brought to you by Mick Parry M.Ed and PGA Assistant. Mick Parry is a newly qualified Mental Golf Type Coach, a unique system of performance coaching tailored to the dominant traits of your personality.

In The Impact Bag, Mick Parry brings together his Masters in Education and PGA golf training to outline some of the books and bags of knowledge he’s gained on his quest to better golf.

After an NCAA golf career at Coastal Carolina, he took 15 years out of the game only to return as an average 5 handicapper. Throwing himself back into every aspect of the game at the age of 40, four years later he got to scratch and embarked on his PGA training with the PGA of Sweden.

He now wishes to share 15 years of teaching experience, mastering how people learn and extensive golf knowledge with you, through well-researched blog posts and instruction tips. One of his aims is to provide instruction that is assessable, so we can explicitly see if there is an improvement.

He is available for online and face to face lessons.

Join the Impact Bag and let your learning start you on the road to improvement.

Change is the result of learning.

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