10 Amazing Ideas for a Golfers Christmas Present

Photo by Seb Mooze on Unsplash

Stuck for ideas for what to buy a golfer this Christmas? Don’t fall into the trap of buying toilet golf or a sleeve of unusable golf balls that look like Christmas puddings (yes I have received these gifts)  Here is your definitive guide to presents for the golfer they will truly appreciate. 

1. Mental Golf Type Level 1 Course: Is the golfer in your life a basket case on the golf course? Buy them an MGT Lv1 packet to reveal how they should be behaving on the golf course. You won’t just see an improvement in attitude on the golf course, but it will improve their attitude to life. There are other products available such as practice plans and mental fitness audio recordings. The gift that just keeps giving. Here is a Christmas discount code for all programs at Mental Golf Type and a link to my affiliates page. 40% OFF – Use Code EGGNOG at checkout

2. Online Skillest Golf Lesson: Book an online swing analysis with an instructor online. The golfer simply records their swing (face-on and Down-the-line) sends the videos in and receives a complete swing analysis. Less confrontational than a real lesson but sometimes a more effective method of instruction. Here’s a link to book an online lesson with me using skillest. 

3. A Golf Lesson: Find a local Golf instructor and buy a voucher for a golf lesson. It’s possibly the best present a golfer can receive.

4. Fit For Golf Subscription: The gift that keeps giving. Want more length and stamina for your golfer, then the Fit For Golf app is this year present. Choose from a month or a year’s subscription and your golfer friend can gain an extra 20 yards, be free from back pain and generally be more healthy. 20% OFF – Use Code OFFSEASON23 at checkout

5. A Putting Mirror: Putting mirrors are great for checking if a golfer’s eyes are over the ball and if they are aligned correctly. It maintains consistency in setup and is a must on the putting green. 

6. Alignment Sticks: So many uses I could write a blog about them. So many golfers I teach don’t own them. Great for checking alignment, ball position, starting lines, and the list goes on and on.

7. Golf Swing Tour Striker Smart Ball: A small blow-up ball with a neck chain that is placed between the arms to improve connectivity. A super gadget.

8. Impact Spray: Or double down and buy foot spray. Great for spraying on the club face to see impact conditions. 

9. A Notepad or Journal: A wonderful way to take notes and reflect on progress. A must for all golfers. I like small moleskin ones that fit in my back pockets without the loops.

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

10. Blast Golf Sensor: Blast brings practice anywhere and everywhere. Work on your short game in your living room or on the practice range and anywhere in between using the Blast Golf sensor and app.

So there are 10 great tips for golfing Christmas presents that will be truly appreciated. No need for the golf jumper, the ball stamper, the golf ball cleaner, the tee holder or the plastic score keeper. Be popular this Christmas and make a wise decision and impact the golfer in your life’s game

Mick Parry

Stockholm, December 2022

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