2022 A Year with a plan or a Continuing Search for the Secret

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

As golfers, we are all too often searching for the secret move. This is true for the 36 weekend warrior, to the scratch golfer. Even tour players seem to be banging their heads against the wall, rebuilding swings, changing coaches, searching for more distance with a physical trainer or calming their minds with a mindfulness guru.

It’s a new year and it’s time for a New Year’s resolution. I have always been one to avoid committing to anything solid. Instead, my New Year’s resolution has always been to remain happy all year. Now, this is quite a good resolution, however, is not really easy to qualify or quantify success in achieving this resolution. What I have come to understand in 2022 is that I have never liked to set goals or been tied down or commit to a goal. I have always preferred to see where the tide carries me, being free with the wind at my back to see where I land and navigate what’s in front of me in the present.

In golfing terms, I’m starting to doubt if this is productive. Like many, I love reading golf books, psychology books and self-help books all in search of some magical formula to take me to the promised land of joyful effortless golf. I’ve told my lessons not to go chasing down rabbit holes, but when I reflect I do the same myself, scouring Instagram, Youtube and Twitter for tips.

It’s mid-winter. I’m sitting in my kitchen in Stockholm Sweden and the snow is pouring out of the sky. What better time to make a solid plan for each part of my game. To set a plan and stick to it for the entire season with no chopping and changing.

The first thing to do is to break the game down into its relevant sections.

  1. Full shots
  2. Finesse wedges inside 100
  3. Short game
  4. Bunker play
  5. Putting
  6. Mental Game
  7. Physical training
Full ShotsStand behind the ball and picture the shot. Take 2 deep breaths. Be calm. Set my clubface. Get my balance solid. Take one look at the target. Be athletic. Fire. 
Finesse WedgesClock System. Rotate through shot at 80% power. Watch ball. Picture the landing area.
ChippingChipping is putting with loft when little fringe to carry. Feel the ground with 2-3 practice strokes, imitating the stroke you intend to make.
PitchingGlove under right armpit feeling. Sweeping a coin from an inch in front of the ball. Get face open on the backswing. Let the club pass hands. Feel the ground with 2-3 practice strokes, imitating the stroke you intend to make.
PuttingPace is king. Set clubface with right hand looking at the hole. Put left hand onto the club and replace the clubface. See a thick gutter-like line to the hole. Don’t think too much
Mental GameKeep eye level above the level of the flag. Breathe in 4 seconds and out for 5. Listen to the trees and the birds. Fill out a mental scorecard for the round.
Physical Game. Squat, hinge, lift, pull, push. Mobility and flexibility. Continue with 10 mins yoga in the morning and 10 mins exercise in the evening. Use speed sticks during practice consistently.

This is a simple plan to start off with, let’s hope I stick to it. The process of writing this down feels good. It’s like a crutch or a scaffold for the season. I highly recommend trying this out. I feel like I have a plan for the first time. Give it a go and let me know how you got on. I’d love to see some of your plans so we can compare. Happy new year I hope this post has an impact on your game.

2 responses to “2022 A Year with a plan or a Continuing Search for the Secret”

  1. Love it when a plan comes together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s hope I stick to it. Seems easier to stick to it than try everything under the sun again.


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